Saturday, May 14, 2016

Houseiversary 2016

We have own our house for 1 year! And it has changed - a lot. So I thought I would do an update on our original house post.

** I haven't taken a couple of photos but it's because we are in the middle of a project. I'll add then once the are in a presentable spot. **


We have pulled out all the front overgrown bushes and trimmed the ones one the side, trimmed the tree, added a flower bed to the front, and painted the front door. 


We ripped out all the walls separating all the rooms and painted.

Living Room:

We resurfaced the fireplace, upgraded to gas, painted, new flooring, mounted a TV and ran all the cables, and added lights.


We widened the doorway, started painting then I changed my mind (so thus it sits)

Right now this room is a catch all till our basement is finished. It is what it is.


We ripped out a third of our upper cabinets painted the rest, changed out the faucet, and borrowed one of the hall closets for a pantry (pretty certain the previous owners did the same)

Dining room:

Paint, floors, and changed out the chandelier. 


Paint, flooring, added lights (there were none - it was really dark) , rearranged some closets, and hung some art work


Bathrooms have not been touched (yet) a new toilet. It's white. It's pretty cool.

 Bedroom 1:

The kids got to pick their own paint. They really wanted all chalkboard but they settled for one wall. Light, closet upgrade,  and flooring too.

Bedroom 2:

This is our second multipurpose room. It's Jeremy's office, Henry's bedroom, and our guestroom. Paint, no light (yet) closet upgrade, and flooring


My room is currently covered in laundry. Currently not doing anything about it. Paint, closet upgrade, and flooring. The bathroom has a new towel rod. Probably seems like a weird thing to mention but I love it!

 I didn't take any pictures of because the only thing that's change is that I've sweped it and we got a new furnace and water heater.

We do have plans drawn up and it most likely will be our next big project!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 2015

December tends to be a fairly busy time of year for us. We have several standing parties and then several others on top. I like to make it special too. This year, non of that happened. We bailed on pretty much all the parties and instead lots of naps and did little things. 

We did do our annual fotofly pictures. Because I'm in love.

We did our tree, later than normal but still.

Played games. Inside and in the snow. 




 There were a lot of naps and snuggles

 Addie's birthday!!!!!!



Christmas Eve full of cookies, games, movies, and fun.

 Christmas full of joy. 

The rest of the month was games, New years celebrations, and rest.